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Clients and Partners

  • Clients and Partners

    "I’ve worked with Jessica on multiple projects while she was Communications Director at the Frederick Chamber. So hiring her for a Wood Street client project was an easy decision. Even though I’ve known Jess for years now, I was still impressed and even pleasantly surprised with the quality and timeliness of her work. She was engaged throughout the project and offered the kind of advice and perspective that turns a good website into a great one!"

  • Clients and Partners

    "I presented at the first four years of FredNMT, and was impressed with how Jessica took time to understand the audience and select seminars that were timely and relevant. It's rare to see an event organizer go out of her way to make it easy for attendees and speakers to contribute online. Poring over the tweets, photos, and videos after the conference led to deeper connections and deeper understanding."

  • Clients and Partners

    "During Jessica's tenure at the Chamber, membership increased by more than 50 percent. She helped us take member and community engagement to a higher level by creating new events, developing successful email campaigns, building media relationships, and spearheading social media outreach. I'm thrilled she's now a Chamber member and is continuing to support our business community."